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The ‘Tell-All’ That Took The World by Storm

Opinion by Shadia Muse

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you will know that Oprah interviewed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. This interview took the world by storm but had the British media on edge. The interview was set to air in the US on Sunday, March 8th, 2021 and 24 hours later in the UK. Twitter users joked about censorship from the ITV and most UK watchers tuned in the early hours of the morning to catch the well-awaited ‘Tell All’.

Now, watching this interview, I kind of expected a more explicit description of the racism perpetrated against Meghan Markle that we as civilians have seen in the British media. Meghan Markle did however say that there were discussions about the race of her then-unborn child and one Royal Family member even went as far as to be “concerned” by the colour of her son, Archie’s skin. Oprah questioned who had been the one to ask however Prince Harry shut that down insisting he would not give the details of that conversation. They did however point out that it was not the Queen or Prince Charles.

The following morning, all British news outlets were covering this famous interview and of course, the accusation of racism in the Royal Family was too much to bear. Piers Morgan, on Good Morning Britain, was outraged at the fact that Meghan Markle did not name the person who said they were concerned about Archie’s skin colour but not at the fact that there was even a discussion. He even went as far as saying it was probably just a friendly conversation due to Meghan being bi-racial. It is not news that Piers Morgan has had an unhealthy and racist infatuation with Meghan Markle but to constantly question a woman of colour’s experience on racism from his stance as a privileged cis-gendered white man was totally disgusting. Many of the public was horrified by this and his constant rants on Meghan Markle so much so that he had over 41,000 Ofcom complaints. He later resigned from his position as co-host of GMB.

As a fully black woman living in Britain, I am not shy of the racism in British media but it positively blows my mind that British media constantly choose not to see the racism they spew and that to me is utterly dangerous.

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