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How Piers Met Meghan

Opinion by Shania King-Soyza

It was a warm afternoon in London, England, when the married Piers Morgan met his friend Meghan Markle for some dinner and good times As the night concluded, Piers bid his friend goodbye in a taxi. This taxi was the damnation of their friendship and the moment Markle went to the dark side. Amongst meeting the villainous Prince Harry, Markle was swept off her feet seemingly losing consciousness of her dear, married, friend, Piers. The death of their friendship was solidified through the wedding vows of Meghan and Harry. Most of the world was filled with joy as another royal wedding commenced, though simultaneously, Britain was fearing over Markle’s foreignness. Do not fret as the heroic Piers came to save the day to warn the public of Markle’s deceit and manipulation. For over 4 years, Piers did not rest! He made sure to let everyone know how awful Meghan is without receiving any retaliation from the monstrous woman at hand…and yet… he is still playing the victim.

To summarise…Piers did what every petty man does when facing rejection.

Man: “Can I get your number?”

Woman: “No sorry”

Man: “well you’re ugly anyway.”

Piers Morgan exudes everything wrong about the state of British society and culture regarding white male privilege. One may say they acknowledge ignorance, misogyny, racism, and bullying, However, if it is a personal affair, said person tends to ignore their privilege and power within that moment. The infamous Oprah Winfrey interview of Meghan and Harry exposed the covert and overt racism faced within British media, the “firm” or rather the institution of the royal family, and from some members of the family. Not only is racism spoken about but so is the state of Meghan’s mental health during this time. Meghan said she experienced severe depression and thoughts of suicide. With all that being said, Mr Morgan’s personal bias towards Meghan makes him refute everything that is being said. Morgan creates irrational and illogical reasons to villainise Meghan. To fully understand this problematic response, we must break down and discuss Piers’ actions and behaviour.



Piers’ refusal to acknowledge and address the united front that is both Harry and Meghan. Throughout this controversy, there was no mention or discontent towards Harry but rather focused all his blame onto Meghan. Both conducted and went forward with the interview, yet it is pushed to be Meghan’s evil agenda.



Piers’ excuse for the outrageous claim that the royals could possibly be racist. (a family and institution built on colonialism and imperialism…) is to suggest the context of the situation.

“How dark will your child be?”

There is no innocence or curiosity within that question. Why does that matter? If I respond…then what next? What is the next appropriate thing that you can say? “Oh, that’s good” or “that’s unfortunate?” The truly damaging thing about his reasoning is that as an intelligent man he understands this yet chooses to ignore the racial discrimination due to his personal bias. Piers also interviewed many black women to provide their opinions on the situation. He began to shout and speak over them as he became “passionate” yet when matched with the same energy, he responds with the suggestion and implication of aggressiveness from these black women perpetuating racial bias whether he intentionally knew so or not.


The dismission of mental health:

Though Morgan has not spoken with Markle for over several years, he refuses to sympathise with her mental battles of depression. As ITV advocates for mental health and receiving help, it was abhorrently disgusting to hear Piers refusing to believe Meghan. It sets people backwards who may be suffering from mental health issues as they may feel as though people will not believe them. It is encouraging to see women in high positions speak on their suffering, yet Piers completely dismisses it.



Piers used the innocence of Queen Elizabeth’s age and her hospitalised husband to gather up supporters to see the evilness of Meghan Markle. He claimed that she put the interview out at the time of their most vulnerable. However, the Queen is capable of still reigning in her position. Therefore, she can help her grandson and reduce the media coverage that promoted racial stigmas and racial biases, but she did not. However, the patriotic British will stand before those who threaten the monarchy. Many people agreed with this sentiment and enhanced the Markle hate train further,


Lack of Accountability:

Finally, Piers cannot take accountability. Being confronted by Alex Beresford, Piers walked offset as he could not take the rightful criticisms and rational statements made by his colleague and friend. As Alex stated, it is okay that he is upset because he lost his friend but the bullying, slander and harassment on Meghan Markle is completely overblown and has gotten out of hand. Piers Morgan behaved like a small child in a grown man’s body. He is old enough, intelligent enough and comprehensive enough to take accountability for his problematic behaviour. However, the essence of freedom of speech apparently includes distasteful comments about others which only applies to those in the position of privilege and power. Therefore, accountability will cease to exist.

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