Just Another Workplace Sitcom? – A “Superstore” Review

Photo Credit: Prime Video

Review by Shadia Muse

Working in retail is not always pleasant. For many teens and young adults, retail is the only part-time job you can get without previous experience but boy is it hard work. From my teens till now (I’m 22) I have worked in retail and can tell you I have definitely had some funny experiences with customers. You’ll get the rude ones, demanding ones, ones that ask 101 questions and the most appreciated nice ones. There is no telling what may come your way.

I was browsing through Netflix one day and came across Superstore, an American comedy written by Justin Spitzer who also wrote for The Office for several seasons. Lockdown has honestly turned my brain into mush so a light, non-committal show like Superstore seemed perfect. Based on the workplace, Superstore added some hilarious scenes of customers doing crazy things when they thought no one was looking.

Customers were seen throwing trash in products, one was even seen pooping in a display toilet and if you’ve ever worked in retail you know this isn’t far off from reality. While there is some exaggeration for comedic effect, the majority of the scenes did trigger some unfortunate memories of working in retail. One of the more relatable moments was having the same song repeated for hours in the store and seeing an employee, Garett, slowly lose his mind. This reminds me of 8 tortured hours of listening to … ‘baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle’. Still haunts me to this day.

Being able to relate to this show as a retail employee has made for an enjoyable watching experience. Not only is it really funny, but the cast is also so incredibly diverse, and each have such distinct character traits that add layers to the show. Superstore has not been shy to respectfully explore some real-life topics while also being entertaining.

I am currently on the fourth season and cannot recommend this enough!

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