What a Weeknd for Tom Brady – Super Bowl LV

By Ira Devibar

Save your tears for another day Chiefs fans! Tom Brady has officially collected his seventh ring to officially cement himself as the greatest player in NFL history.

Super Bowl LV was a memorable event, even with the ongoing pandemic our world has been dealing with during this last year. This annual event would normally be celebrated together with friends as we try to stay up until 4 AM, just to end up contemplating whether that 9AM is really worth skipping. But this year, due to the COVID restrictions, the party had to be sensible and most likely virtual – but that did not stop the fun.

With a packed stadium full of 25,000 real people and 30,000 cardboard cut-outs, the atmosphere was still hyped and energetic. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcomed the reigning champions Kansas City Chiefs in what should have been an end-to-end battle between two of the NFL’s powerhouses. Instead, it turned into an embarrassing night for the Chiefs as they watched their team fall 31-9, not even registering a touchdown the entire night (scoring only from field goals). All credit to the home team, though, as the Buccaneers were on a different planet, and so was their star quarterback, Tom Brady. At 43, players would normally call quits on the sport they love as they settle down for their post-football lives. Apparently, normality does not suit Brady, as he led his new team to their second ever Super Bowl win, collecting his seventh ring, the most in NFL history for a player. As he cemented his status as the undisputed GOAT, he also promised to come back next season, sending a chilling warning to the other teams in the NFL. It’s his league and everyone else is just playing in it.

An honourable shoutout goes to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. For such a young and incredible talent, it was truly sad to see him be crushed and obliterated at every play by the hard-working Tampa Bay defence that night. Despite not being 100% fit, he still played his best game. His teammates on both sides of the football, though, played extremely poorly and were undisciplined and nervous, giving away unnecessary penalties throughout the night and dropping passes they would normally have hauled in.

Sports aside, the halftime show was once again terrific. Many claim that the 2019 halftime show by Maroon 5 and Travis Scott had to be one of the worst performances ever shown at this event, even with the calibre of artists that year. 2020 brought the level back to a high standard as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s party rocked the world just before the global pandemic kicked in. When the NFL announced that The Weeknd would be performing for the 55th game, many were eager to see how Abel could express his genius whilst also sticking closely to the government guidelines. But when he did perform, it was magical. His performance was mesmerising as he owned the stadium for 14 minutes, running around in his glossy red suit – a performance which was reminiscent of Michael Jackson. He sang his hit songs including the likes of Starboy, I Can’t Feel My Face, and one of the songs of the pandemic, Blinding Lights. A memorable part of the show was the dancers dressing up in red suits and bandages on their faces – something which the performer began to do during his tour for his After Hours album. The show also provided one of the memes of the year, as an image of the camera being right up in his face went viral just hours later.

Super Bowl LV was an incredible show that reminded a lot of people how despite this pandemic, we can still enjoy big events like this as long as everyone is cautious and careful. Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it is going to be an interesting season next year.

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