It is LGBT+ History Month at Brunel. Let the celebrations begin!

By Alex Langridge

Brunel students have been celebrating LGBT+ History Month this February with online events and fundraisers.

Even though the country is in a third national lockdown, this has not stopped Brunel’s LGBT+ community who have adapted their plans to suit an online environment.

Jade Balmer, Union of Brunel Students LGBT+ Officer, said: “I had to redo my plan like five times with COVID. Everything had to be stopped and put back. It was just so annoying, but we have done a mini plan where it is accessible to everyone and those who are not on campus.”

The main item they have done is create goodie bags for students that include popcorn for the Popcorn Pride events, coffee and tea bags and condoms along with other pieces. For students who may be celebrating at home the Union have sent out postcards to show they are still there and celebrating with them.

Jade added: “We just tried to do as many things as we could. It was just very limited to what we could actually do.”

LGBT+ History Month is a celebration and observance of the LGBT+ community’s history, stories, and experiences aiming to raise awareness and fight prejudices.

The Union held a trans remembrance service on February 17 to celebrate the transgender lives we lost this year by lighting candles and the Chaplin of the meeting house saying prayers of love.

Jade said: “I wanted to make it more of a diverse remembrance for the LGBT+ community as a whole so we will be remembering trans people but also those that we lost in the AIDS crisis.”

Other events have included quizzes, an art show, coffee mornings, and a drag fundraiser which will be available to watch online on February 26.

The Union are asking students and staff to take part in the fundraiser by dressing up in drag, taking pictures of themselves or creating a short video clip to include in the compilation.

Jade is encouraging everyone to get involved saying: “If you are bored just put on a bit of make up or just a bit of lippy, anything and just be like ‘hey it’s me I am an ally or I am LGBT+ and I am at Brunel’.”

The Union are also asking for donations to Spectra, a local charity who provides support to the LGBT+ community and who have a transgender inclusion group in Uxbridge.

You can find more information about the Union’s campaign here and donate to Spectra here.

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