Foodable are victorious in Brunel’s Hult Prize 2021 competition

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By Alex Langridge

Foodable triumphs in Brunel University’s on-campus round of the Hult Prize 2021 and succeeds into the next stage of the competition.

The Foodable team, made up of three Brunel students, Ekow Bankah, Keanu Smith and Déjaunel Thompson, was awarded first place on January 30 for their idea.

Ekow, final year Economics and Management student, celebrated their achievement: “I think it was just a testament to the hard work we put in because balancing this, dissertation, coursework, revision has been stressful.”

The team came first out of five teams with Lunchbox taking second place and Fruit Joules third.

Teammate Déjaunel, who has just finished an apprenticeship, added: “It was a really good collaboration. Great team. I think it was the teamwork that really pushed us forwards to get the win.”

Image: Hult Prize Brunel University @hpbruneluni

Foodable is an app idea that allows users to find recipes with the ingredients they have, learn about different cultures and food, help lower income families who may be facing food shortages and includes a health feature to help control calorie intake and provide nutritional breakdowns.

Ekow said: “We want to build this into a massive company and expand not just around the UK but across the world.”

The idea was formed by the friends in their bedrooms late one night but has since grown along with their ambition. Keanu, final year Banking and Finance student, said: “We want to make Foodable a household name.”

The Hult Prize is a yearly challenge across universities worldwide that aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and encourages young people to solve the world’s toughest issues while building a business that creates a good change.

This year’s competition was ‘Food for Good’ with the aim to build viable food enterprises while reducing food waste.

Foodable aim to help users use the food they have before it goes out of date and contributes to the food waste problem. Déjaunel added: “We want to become a tool to help aid people in the future as well as help prevent food wastage.”

The team were mentored by Dr Ajoeb Baridi throughout the process who said: “Well done guys. I am really proud of you. It is a really good programme and it is a great idea.”

Roba Zayed, campus director for Hult prize at Brunel, also commended the team’s efforts saying: “Foodable have some itch. They were really self-motivated and they have proven that on their presentations and to the judges that was obvious.”

Foodable will now compete at regional levels and if they maintain their winning streak will then advance onto the next stages. The final stage winners of the Hult Prize will win $1million start-up funding.

You can find more information about the Brunel Hult Prize and the list of judges here.

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