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Battling the Lockdown: Finding Motivation as a Student

By Ira Devibar

Procrastination is truly an incredible force of nature; that extra episode of that Netflix show won’t hurt. Until it’s two, four and by the time you know it, you’ve finished the entire series of The Crown and suddenly you’re panicking because you have hardly touched that assignment due in three days’ time. Finding motivation is challenging during a global pandemic, something we’ve never experienced during our lives. All this work piling up one by one with no certainty of when all this dread and misery will end. When will I get to see my family? When can I finally see my friends? And most importantly, when will I be able to sit on a park bench without feeling guilty?

As a student, it is tough for us to find motivation during this lockdown period, so here’s three (yes three) useful tips to find motivation that have helped me during this difficult time – hopefully helping you too.

Be positive – Celebrate the little things

Pandemic or no pandemic, you should always try to be positive. It is a demanding task I know, and even harder when the news constantly pokes you with negative stories – constantly draining you. The best solution is to limit the amount of time you spend looking at the news; yes, it is important to stay updated during this time, but constantly dwelling on negativity can be frustrating, especially as we can do nothing about it. The best thing is to keep positive, put the negativity to one side and celebrate the little things. Oh, you’ve done 500 words on your essay today? Brilliant, 500 more than yesterday! You woke up today and cooked a full English breakfast? Fantastic, some people can hardly cook an egg! See how easy it is to celebrate the simplest things, never push yourself too hard during this time, you’re doing so well!

Organisation – the key to success

All that work is piling up and frankly there’s not a lot we can do to stop it. So, the best thing to do is to face it one on one, attack those assignments like a warrior in battle. But you can never win a war without strategy and a plan. Set small, realistic goals each day and each week – plan and set your priorities, never do everything all at once – Rome wasn’t built in a day right? Sit down and map out some sort of plan for your day or week. A daily routine is an incredible way to help boost motivation, completing a task and checking it off is so cathartic! But obviously allow some breathing space as well – we are amazing, but we’re not robots!

Family and Friends – ‘I was on a break’

Not quite how the memorable quote from Friends went, but the message is similar. Do take a break! Reward yourself after you’ve completed your daily tasks. And what better way to do so than staying connected with the people who make you feel awesome. Consider staying in regular contact with friends and family who have the power to lift your spirits whenever you’re down. We’re lucky enough to have FaceTime in this era, so take that opportunity to battle through the connection issues and chat with a cheerful loved one, it can really make you feel amazing and keep you motivated – one of the best ways to look after your mental health. It is always okay to not be okay.

I really hope this article reaches you and helps you on keeping motivated. It truly is a difficult time, but we can get through this together. Good luck and stay safe.

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