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Aspirations – Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

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Opinion by Jas Bains

It’s obvious. Money. Thanks for reading.

You’re probably either working towards some sort of goal in your life and unsurprisingly, it’s easy to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Maybe you’re aspiring to become wealthy and famous just like you always said you’d be, except you’re currently making cringe-worthy TikTok videos so that’s not going to happen. Unless you’ve gone viral for flipping a bottle, fame and fortune doesn’t just happen overnight and I think it’s easy to forget this.

We lust after instant success. Of course we do. We get bored easily and scroll through the same 3 or 4 apps on our phone like we’re being paid to do it. I’ve just scrolled through my Instagram feed 5 times while writing this sentence for example which is probably why it won’t sense make sense. We all do it. A short attention span is probably why it’s taken you so long to finish a report on something, even though you’re probably quite capable of writing about why there’s no market for toasters with odd numbered… bread ports? Whatever the technical term for them is. Let’s call them toast holes for now.

The point is, you’ve not just given up. You’re just taking longer breaks to procrastinate but ultimately, you want to finish your work at some point. Just not right now, not this exact moment anyway. Once that’s done, you’ll move on to the next thing. Then the next thing after that. You’ll keep doing this until you die and along the way you’ll probably make some money to pay for stuff like bills and bread. To fill your toast ports. That’s it. That’s the rulebook for life.

I suppose some people enjoy partying along the way and stuff but we’ll probably have to relearn basic conversational skills after not having socialised with more than six people at a time. Unless you’ve been ignoring these rules and spreading Covid through licking naked lettuces at Tesco, like the germ spreading heathen you are.

I suppose if that’s what makes you happy though and you really enjoy that, then fine. Yes it’s highly immoral and I genuinely don’t agree with you spreading your germs but outside of Coronavirus, if you like licking vegetables then fine. It makes you happy. It pleases your strange little mind but at least you’re satisfied. Imagine all of us non-lettuce-lickers going about our unfulfilled lives. What do we do for fun?

People find a purpose for themselves by doing the things they enjoy and having aspirations just means we work towards being able to enjoy ourselves more. These aspirations keep us going and gives us hope. Without them, we’re just wasting away and filling our days. Make those days count, give them purpose and if it makes you happy, lick that lettuce.

My aspirations? To write semi-sarcastic articles with some wholesome meanings.

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