5 Things to do this Christmas At Home


By Melanie Solari

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in London. Once again, the city is transformed into a wintery wonderland as Christmas decorations fill up the streets of London from beautiful lights and decorated trees to festive markets and ice rinks.

Although Christmas 2020 is far different to any Christmas we have celebrated in the past due to a global pandemic, you can still spread the Christmas spirit with loved ones this holiday. Whether you are celebrating with a small bubble of family and friends or by yourself, there are still plenty of things to do indoors whilst being safe and social distancing.

Here are a list of activities to do at home this Christmas to keep the holiday spirit alive.

1. Christmas Film Marathon

What better way to kickstart your holiday by having a film marathon of classic and new Christmas films. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have a broad selection of festive films for you to watch both alone and with a group. So, grab you favourite snacks and dim the lights to start binge-watching.

Which film is your favourite? Source: Enigma magazine

2. Christmas Dinner

You can’t celebrate Christmas on an empty stomach. Put your cooking skills to the test by making a Christmas dinner from scratch. Make dishes that you’ve never made before. There are over thousands of recipes online to follow to make a delicious dinner for you to enjoy.

Source: BBC Food

3. Virtual Christmas Party

If you are unable to see your family and loved ones this year don’t fear. Technology has advanced so much that you can video call with your family and friends and have a party. Apps such as Zoom, HouseParty and Skype allow you to be on the call with more than one person and enjoy each other’s company.

Will HouseParty be making a comeback this holiday season? Source: Pinterest

4. Decorate Your House/University Hall

We are pretty much going to be spending most of our holidays at home so you might as well make most of this festive time by decorating your house or hall if you haven’t already done so. Decorate your place with tinsel, Christmas stockings, lights and more. Hopefully this will put you in the mood for celebrating.

There is always place for a tree. Source: Surry hall

5. Play Games

Whether you are alone or with a bubble of people, you can’t go wrong with playing games. This is a great way to communicate but to also let loose and have fun. If you are alone, you can hop onto Zoom or FaceTime and play games with family and friends to distract you and liven up the mood.

Source: Anastasiia Yanishevska/ Getty Images

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