Manchester Students Get 30% Cut in Rent

By Namira Hussain

Students have recently been protesting across England about COVID and now they have a 30% rent cut.

Students who are renting rooms on campuses are fed up with recent circumstances and have turned to striking on paying rent.

One campus where this worked is the University of Manchester where students received a rent cut of 30%. The university announced on Wednesday that undergraduate students living on campus could receive up to a reduction between £600 and £900.

This equates to over a months worth of rent, however currently this reduce price is only set to apply to the first semester, from September to January.

The strike itself came about after students were outraged at the cancellation of face-to-face teaching as they felt students are facing injustice. Hence, last week the protesting students decided to reject the idea of a two week discount on rent, as this was viewed as insufficient by them.

Larissa Kennedy, president of the National Union of Students, said university students feel as though they have been “essentially sold a lie” about what would be possible this academic year, and therefore heavily impacting their education and University experience.

She went on to say to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “It just feels like the Government is failing to recognise the levels of student anger and student dissatisfaction with how they’ve been treated”.

This is not the first mention of students being disenfranchised as in July, the universities minister Michelle Donelan said there had been “too much focus on getting students through the door” and this means students are “misled by the expansion of popular sounding courses with no real demand from the labour market”.

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