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Make America greater than it ever was

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Opinion by Caterina Rossi

Congratulations to Joe Biden: The successful winner of the US election. 

Congratulations to Kamala Harris: The first female vice-president in the most powerful country in the world. 

And congratulations to an America that have chosen hope over fear, light over darkness, future over past.   

We are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief in this terrifying 2020. 

But that does not mean it is the moment to sit down and rest, letting the experienced establishment do all the work alone. 

We, as global citizens, should take advantage of this beacon of hope to contribute to the building of a fairer world, even brighter than the one before Donald Trump. We should not make America (or the world) great again; we should not make this country as magnificent as it was before 2016. We need to do better. And the only way we can do it is by making our voice heard. 

America does not merely need to heal from a four-year-old wound, but the process it must go through is way more complicated and challenging, the roots of American distress goes back further than the 2016 election. 

A considerable part of the people who voted for Joe Biden did so because they would tolerate anything but suffer another four years under Mr “I WON BY A LOT” administration. But they were still not satisfied with the idea of Biden in the White House. However, they chose to put their faith in him and believe his honesty when he promised to build a compassionate and generous nation. I believed him. But I am also aware of the pressure by an insane number of influential people, politicians and not, to bend his political agenda in favour of the old, traditional society: a society that protects the few instead of the many. 

That is what they have always done. 

That is how they have always behaved with the previous leaders. 

An example is how insurance companies have often attempted to oppose the plan to grant free healthcare to everyone, a project that Kamala Harris used to support until she changed her stance on the issue. She decided to replace the plan of a single-payer program involving the government in charge of healthcare with one that would still allow private insurers to participate. However, they would be subject to strict requirements to ensure it lowers costs and expands services. According to the new vice-president, the change was made to  “improve the original plan”, according to other people she did so to be more complacent with such companies. 

That is the reason why people need to come together in large numbers to voice their opinions and their needs: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need us as much as we all need them. The only way to fight against the greed of a small fragment of that society benefitting from the same system that left millions of Americans starving to get by is with the help of the everyone. 

As someone who is not American, I still feel the need to contribute, because what occurs in a country as prominent as the USA has an impact on everyone. Besides, the problems of the American people are my problems as well, because we are all human beings who are part of the same world. 

As someone who is still idealistic enough to believe in the achievement of a better world, I recognise how a country as influential as the USA might be able to set a positive example for the other nations. 

We do not have to make America great again. 

Let’s make America greater than it ever was. 

Let’s make the world more extraordinary than it ever was. 

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