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My body, My rules

Opinion by Jaanvi Nayee

A lot of different cultures and societies look down on what people want to do to their bodies, such as tattoo’s and piercings. A tattoo allows someone to express themselves however they want or not at all. If you change a part of yourself for the better and it makes you happy then there shouldn’t be a problem, right? And why should anyone care what the rest of society thinks? Doing what makes you happy and not caring what others think is a form of self-love and should be normalized.

Some people are simply born in the wrong bodies and they go out of the way to do something about that, and yet society judges them. Transgender people go through a lot. Very rarely do they have everyone they care about support them along the way. Whether it be family or friends or someone who barely knows them, someone always has an opinion about it. But why? Everyone goes on their own journey of self-discovery. If someone’s journey is lightly different to another, then why judge them for it? How does it affect anyone else? If you cared, you should surely love them the same as before. Theoretically, in a perfect world nothing would change.

The problem is fear. People are afraid of change and because of that, they choose to hate it rather than understand it. It makes sense to care when it’s the people closest to you. Your parents, or close friends. Parents become afraid that you won’t live up to their expectations when you change something as drastic as your gender, or they just don’t understand why. It makes sense to worry about what they think, but you shouldn’t love yourself any less because of it. Keep your morality and self esteem high. Its your choice what you do with your body.

People are always going to have opinions. There will never be a world where everyone is comfortable with big changes because a perfect world simply doesn’t exist. However, you cannot ignore that the change you make satisfies you because you are your first priority, and it should remain that way. If you change yourself for the better, be it gender or personality in general or anything, make sure you are happy within yourself for it and do not let that confidence in yourself waver because of anyone else’s opinion. Its your body, your rules.

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