Boyz on Block bring the 90s back just in time for Christmas

Source: Twitter @BBlockofficial

By Julie Heinisch

Boyz on Block is a new band on the rise, made up of different members of former boybands including Abz Love (FIVE); Ben Ofoedu (PHATS & SMALL); Dane Bowers (ANOTHER LEVEL) and Shane Lynch (BOYZONE). They have released a cover of East 17’s Stay Another Day bringing back 90s boyband nostalgia.

The band states that the music of the 90s was like a soundtrack to their lives which has stayed with them till today. They have united as a band to reinterpret some of those 90s tracks. Their first single Stay Another Day is the listeners’ first introduction to a project hoping to be a remedy for the current gloom in the world.

With their first official single they give listeners a major throwback into the boyband filled era that were the 1990s. This comes at a perfect time where audiences crave happiness, escapism and perhaps a reminder of easier days. The christmassy undertones added in this version of the song provide a warm cosy feeling throughout the listen.

The band has already lined up more singles and even an album and their first live performance at an online fundraising festival, The Bald Festival ( An event set up by online sensations The Bald Builders to raise much needed funds for the Chestnut Tree House Hospice.

Their single will be released today (November 20) on music platforms Spotify, Deezer, Amazon music and Apple music.

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