MP’s to discuss tuition fees, as student anger over 9K for online lectures continues

By Rebecca Horn

MP’s will hold a debate about tuition fees on November 16, following numerous petitions to waive full University fees for this year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most lectures have been reduced and moved online. But despite these changes and learning disruptions, University’s are still able to charge students the full amount of tuition fees (£ 9,250 a year).

Many students have voiced their anger on this issue and have since signed numerous petitions over the past months, urging the Government to lower or waive fees. Now, MP’s are due to debate these petitions at Westminster Hall on Monday 16 November at 6pm.

“I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to be paying full tuition while we have fewer online lectures, as it’s just not the same,” said 20-year-old physiotherapist student, Ellie Baxter, from Brunel University.

She added: “I’m on unpaid placements in the NHS for a fair amount of the year, so basically I’m paying to work for free, yikes. I don’t expect the Uni to be doing face-to-face lecture, as obviously safety comes first, I just feel we shouldn’t be paying full tuition fees and not getting the course we signed up for.”

Economics student, Sema Ahmad, 21, from Goldsmith University said: “University fees should be at least reduced. 9K is just too expensive to only watch my recordings of my lecturers.”

In response to one of the latest petitions, which has received over 160,000 signatures, to lower University fees, the Government responded on October 30: “Universities are responsible for setting their own fees. Any lowering of fees would be their decision. Government is not considering a temporary change to fee limits, or a programme of refunds.”

It remains to be seen whether the government’s attitude on this issue will change. Students can watch the debate on Monday live online on: or Or follow the debate with the hashtag: #TuitionFeesDebate


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