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2001/02 Babies Exam Nightmares

Opinion by Jaanvi Nayee

2020 has been a challenge to say the least. Many people have faced difficult times because of COVID- 19. The world has spent most of this year in lockdown and now we must do it all over again.

As a first-year university student, I have had a lot of problems with the virus. Not only were my family and friends falling ill around me, but I also could not sit my A-Level exams. Many younger students believe that the pandemic makes us 2001/ 02 babies lucky, when in reality, our year group have had a nightmare.

First, our Year 6 exams were affected because the exam boards changed the curriculum. This meant our teachers did not know what to expect so we could not prepare very well and did not get the teacher support we needed. Then the exact same thing happened with most GCSE’s but this time there was the addition of coursework not always being fully marked by examiners, so you did not get the true grade you deserved.

When will it stop? Our year has been the nations guinea pigs and it did not end there. A-levels were the final straw.

Cancelling our A Level exams meant getting predicted grades based off of mock results, class work and your teacher’s opinion of how well they think you would have done. But what if your teacher hated you? And what if you failed your mock results but tried really hard afterwards in hope to do better for the real thing?

As the exam dates approached, I spent every night revising until my eyes were sore, only to find out weeks later they were to be cancelled. Everything I had worked for felt like it was for nothing and I am sure many people felt the same.

It is the knowing that if we had sat those exams, we could have done better. It is the feeling that we did two years’ worth of work for nothing. It is the constant questioning of what if. Fortunately, I got in to where I needed to be, but the last two years of my life feel like a waste of time and effort.

If it were up to us, the younger generation, would we have done a better job than the government?

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