The results of the results are in for the autumn election

By Alex Langridge

The autumn Student Union elections saw a small percentage of voting between certain groups on campus.

Sam Johnson, Vice President of College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, said: “Brunel is an extremely diverse campus however our results do not seem to show this.”

International students make up 29% of the university, according to 2019 Brunel University statistics, so it is expected there would be a similar intake of international votes.

British Nationals topped the voting with 351 votes followed by students of Indian (257 votes) and Pakistani (73 votes) nationalities. The Indian society had the most voters with 92 students, followed by the Desi (46 voters) and Design (37 voters) societies.

Whilst there is a high proportion of students from South Asia voting which Sam expressed is “great to see”, he is concerned about a lack of engagement from other continents.

He added: “As the Student Union is here to represent all students at Brunel, it is so important that each student can feel represented by us. A lack of engagement and potential diversity within the SU really limits our understanding of the personal experiences of some of our students.”

Sam is a white, British student and says he cannot and does not feel he can represent the views and opinions of some students.

He said: “I can do my best, but a personal opinion will always be better.”

It is not clear why there is a lack of engagement between groups on campus. Sam suggested it could be a lack of interest in the roles as more students want to focus on their studies.

According to the Union, 1064 students participated and voted a total of 2673 times.

The elections give students the opportunity to stand for positions with the Union to represent their student body’s views. The autumn elections are to select Student Assembly members, NUS delegates and Student Reps.

The election results can be viewed here.

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