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Suckerpunch Games deliver a powerful blow to the gaming industry

The promotional art for the additional multiplayer mode, ‘Legends’. Source: Wallpapercave.

Opinion by Alex Curthew-Sanders

Developers of the recent hit, Ghost of Tsushima, release free content that shows how customer good will pays off.

Suckerpunch Games released the free multiplayer expansion to their previous single-player only game on October 16. In a world filled with paid downloadable content (DLC), a free expansion being offered to players is something that is otherwise unheard of nowadays. On top of that, the mode itself is completely free of any microtransactions, small items that can be purchased in game, that usually plague these kinds of modes.

For comparison, another game, Final Fantasy 15, had a multiplayer mode added onto its previously single player only experience. But unlike Ghost of Tsushima, this mode cost an additional £20.

It’s quite the pleasant surprise to see that there are still developers out there that care more about consumer satisfaction than squeezing every morsel of money out of their players. Especially with how oversaturated the market has recently become with the majority of full price, £60 games offering these kinds of in-game purchases, some of which reaching into the 100s of pounds.

Games such as EA’s FIFA franchise, wherein the mode ‘ultimate team’ seeks to nickel and dime players into building their own dream team by purchasing currency to spend on ‘packs’ that give them a chance to obtain the players they want. Keep in mind, it’s a chance and not guaranteed.

Why do companies such as EA do this? Well, probably for the money.

So, how will Suckerpunch make their money if they are offering out free expansions? It’s quite simple: more people buy the game out of the good word from happy customers. I know many people who have heard about how entertaining the new multiplayer mode is and ended up purchasing the game.

While the saying ‘all publicity is good publicity’ may or may not be true, good publicity is always beneficial and Suckerpunch have proved this through their consumer-friendly actions. With a three-part raid being released later in the week, and weekly updates to certain challenges, the future of Ghost of Tsushima’s multiplayer mode is looking very bright.

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, mythology and samurai, then this is definitely the game for you.

The game is currently available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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