Battle of the generations: Covid-19

Photo by Ruth Gwily.

By Namira Hussain. 

There has been a dramatic increase in tension and frustration between the younger and older generations on how we should tackle Covid-19.

Some argue there is dramatization on behalf of the government about statistics, Covid cases and even if the pandemic itself exists. On the other hand, the youth today express the importance of obeying government guidelines.

Kinga Klazuk, 19, Journalism Student at Brunel University, said: “Despite the fact young people are at a lower risk, they should still wear a face-mask to protect others”.

She added: “The youth have a responsibility to help others implement changes in their life”.

Those in the younger generation feel trapped and stuck as they are unable to influence the opinions of others such as family and friends.

Klazuk said: “I faced difficulty in influencing my fellow friends and distant relatives, but we should still persevere with this even if we disagree.”

In order to tackle Covid-19 she stated: “We as individuals should make a habit of change and consider Covid as temporary and unite together”.

Despite this, there seems to be a clash in perspectives with senior members as Noor Begum, 78, of Waterbeach Road, Slough, said: “Students and the youth like to seem innocent but then you see 200 of them partying on campus, so I do believe they are partly to blame”.

Ms Begum continued: “I have friends who choose not to wear a face mask unless they are told to, this is their decision, and they are not breaking the law unlike the students partying”.

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