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By Melanie Solari

This year for Black History Month, dating app, Bumble, has partnered up with Metallic Inc to create a series of stories which celebrates black love.

In the #MyLoveIsBlackLove, the stories consist of over 30 black British personas who share their personal stories and ideas of what black love means to them. These personas vary from athletes, artists, to activists and entrepreneurs.

British voices that took part in reflecting their views included Nicola Adams, Krept and his partner Sasha Ellesse, Ms Banks, George the Poet and more. The main premise of these stories focused on the positive aspects of love within the black community. They then go on to describe what love means to them, using the phrase ‘My love is…’.

“My Love Is Honesty” – Chloe Pierre (left). “My Love Is A Sure Thing” – George the Poet (right). Photo: Bumble.
Bumble’s main reason for creating #MyLoveIsBlackLove was to make a change to show love stories within the black community are being represented and perceived. When they did their research on whether black British love is represented online, they found that only 39% felt that the stories they saw about love and relationships were relevant and reflected themselves.

Their research also showed that 52% of people did not think that black British love stories are represented in mainstream online spaces. Because of the lack of representation of black love, this led to 1 in 3 black British people to feel stereotyped.

From the data that Bumble collected, they wanted to bring change to black love stories so that more people are able to discuss openly about love within the black community as well as exploring and relating to the many black voices expressed.

In doing so, Bumble has enabled a space where black people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are able to freely share their personal experiences of love and are being amplified and uplifted in society.

The stories are available to watch at

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