Workout and Wipe: Brunel Gym (through the pandemic) Review

Image Source: Brunel University London.

Review by Ira Devibar

“I need to sign up to the gym soon” is pretty much what everyone says as they start their first term of university; fresher or non-fresher (just admit it). But unless you’ve been living under a rock, 2020 and normal doesn’t come together. Due to this unfortunate pandemic, gym rules have become stricter, for everyone’s own good of course. But that doesn’t stop us from continuing our grind in the gym.

The Brunel Gym has introduced a few rules to help prevent the spread of the virus and one major change is the booking of time slots through the ‘Brunel Sports App’. Through the app you must book a certain time slot during the day, with only up to 30 people allowed in that time period. So no more are the days of the easy distraction when a friend happens to rock up at the gym at the same time. It’s full concentration from now on, that hour goes by quicker than you think, so make sure every rep and set is worth it.

As well as that, an old rule, but certainly a gold one (which no one seemed to follow before the pandemic) is the mandatory cleaning of every machine, weight or bike that you use after a workout. The virus is not forgiving, so to fight it as best as well can, the rule of cleaning every equipment is such an important addition. Wipes and hand sanitizers are available at every corner of each room, which is extremely helpful and reminds you to constantly think to clean before moving on to the next set.

Image Source: Brunel University London.

Last but not least, remember to social distance. Everybody wants to work out, but the virus also loves a room full of people (especially the ever-full weights room). So, to help with that, the gym’s exercise spots are social distanced as well, helping you to remember to follow the rule and help stop the spread of this virus.

Overall, the Brunel Gym is a great investment if you’re a dedicated workout enthusiast. The gym does an immense job of making sure that every member is safe and secure whilst we battle through this historic pandemic. Make sure to wipe after the workout.

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