Does being in self-isolation affect me as an introvert?

By Melanie Solari

On the 13th March, Brunel University sent us an email, announcing that from Friday onwards, the university would be closed because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, meaning that there would be no more lectures and face-to-face meetings with personal tutors and or mentors.

Since then, we have been self-isolating to avoid the virus from coming to the university. There have been quite a few memes on social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Tik Tok about introverts and how they are coping with the isolation.

“Introverts not being phased by the idea of quarantine/self-isolation because we’ve been doing it our entire lives”

“This quarantine period is really the time for introverts with social anxiety to truly shine”

“Quarantine is lowkey an introvert’s dream. I’ve been quarantining since 3rd grade”

I found the memes quite amusing because as a fellow introvert, I wasn’t fazed or worried about having to stay at home until further notice because I have been doing that for pretty much the majority of my life. Socialising and going out wasn’t really my thing as I enjoyed staying at home and doing my own thing.

However, these past couples of days of self-isolation has been quite hard which is surprising. There was a tweet on Twitter I saw which describes what I’m currently going through: “As an introvert, I’m surprised by how hard the quarantine is hitting me. Maybe it’s a control thing, I isolate myself because I want to not because anyone makes me.”

As an introvert, I can relate to that tweet because the majority of the times, I choose to cancel plans with people or not be around a social environment because of social anxiety and anxiety in general. However, I do find it slightly weird not being able to go out and see friends and family because the government advised us to distance ourselves from social environments.

These feelings could be temporary as time goes on or it could develop into something else. Nonetheless, if you’re an introvert like me or an extrovert and are self-isolating, take care of yourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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