Brunel celebrated ‘University mental health day’ with games and activities

By Rebecca Horn

On Thursday 5 March, Brunel University celebrated ‘University health day’ with games and activities in the library

The organisers, Well@Brunel, collaborated with the Samaritans, a charity fighting mental health and suicide, to help give students support.

Reece Jerrett, 18, from Well@Brunel said: “We are running numerous events to let students know that help is out there. We are aiming at de-stressing so we have a games table, chai and chat with biscuits and tea and a colouring wall.”

Marian Hutchinson, a volunteer at the Samaritans, said: “There is a huge variety of problems that could affect young people. There is a lot of pressure from social media, to achieve good grades and to get a job, but there are also underlying problems such as bullying and sexual issues.”

She added: “It can just escalate if you are in a place where you perhaps haven’t got your family or your normal support group, so it’s very important to know where to get help either on campus or from an organisation like us.”

The charity also wants to encourage other students to help those with mental issues “by engaging with them” or to “signpost them to where they can get some help for their particular issue.”

If you are facing any kind of problems or simply want to talk to someone please contact

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