Bored of Netflix? 5 of the best TV series available on BBC iPlayer

By Somerset Bellinger

The recent first day of snow has had us all wanting to Netflix & Chill. However, scrolling for films for longer than we actually watch them can get a little frustrating. The BBC offers some great binge-worthy comedies and dramas, so here are some of the top TV series available on their streaming platform if Netflix isn’t quite cutting it.

This Country

This Country is back for its final season on BBC. The show follows the lives of Kurtan and Kerry Mucklowe, two bored country bumpkins in search of things to do in their small and remote village in the Cotswolds. This mockumentary is hilariously spot on and easily relatable for anyone who has grown up in a little village in the countryside. The real-life siblings make quite the pair. Kurtan, a man in his mid-20s who dresses like he’s in his mid-teens, often feels the need to share his deepest thoughts with the viewer, stating ‘I don’t even like bounties that much, I just feel sorry for them cos they’re always left’. His cousin Kerry self-identifies as the town ‘badass’ and claims her dad actually wrote the song ‘Wonderwall’ on the back of a beer mat in the space of 10 mins. The series is reminiscent of iconic TV such as The Office and People Just Do Nothing. The Bafta-winning series is airing now, with new episodes every Monday night at 7pm.

Defending the Guilty

Originally based on Alex McBride’s acclaimed book of the same name, this series is definitely one of BBC’s hidden gems. It’s the story of young law pupil Will, desperately trying to gain

respect in his field from his peers and mentors, but spectacularly failing. The series has great dry British humour and hilarious characters, including a cynical pupil master who always refers to herself as mummy and a weird obsession with French pastries, a white middle-class privileged pupil who constantly feels oppressed and a ruthless Welsh girl most often referred to as ‘the chav’. The series is light-hearted and fun. It offers a terrific selection of feel-good indie music as well as some stare-out-the-car-window-with-a-tear-running-down-your-face indie music. Season 2 has been announced for this year with details arriving shortly on the BBC’s website.


This controversial horror-comedy with mixed reviews will have most audiences split. Nevertheless, BBC’s Dracula does offer a new twist on the old classic. From a sarcastic Count to an atheist nun, the characters and performances are oddly comical. However, this adaptation of Dracula is still as horrifying as its predecessors, with some legitimately incredible practical effects which make for some very scary scenes. Both smart and terrifying this series will have viewers laughing one minute and burying their face in their hands the next. The 3-part mini-series is perfect for a weekend TV marathon with a partner, friends or solo, as long as the blinds are kept open and the lights on.


First performed as a one-woman show in theatres, Fleabag tells the story through the eyes of a smart, funny yet brutally honest and sometimes selfish young woman. The award-winning series, written by and starring talented comedian Phoebe Waller-bridge, is brilliantly made with a very unique method of storytelling that is both clever and entertaining. Its distinctive style of breaking the fourth wall is completely absorbing. It is

well written and superbly performed, with incredible and witty performances from the cast, including the great Olivia Coleman as the evil stepmother who enjoys sculpting her partner’s crown jewels. There is no doubt that this series has earned its multiple awards.

Killing Eve

The British drama is a worldwide hit and definite must-see. Fan favourite, Killing Eve, is back for a third season. The story follows Eve, played by Greys Anatomy’s Sandra Oh, a bored MI5 office worker who becomes obsessed with a string of political assassinations. This leads her to Villanelle, played by Doctor Foster’s Jodie Comer, a psychopathic yet charismatic killer that you can’t help but root for. The two then begin a deadly game of cat and mouse with each other. Unfortunately, season 3 will not be released in the UK until June 2020, but this leaves plenty of time to either catch up or just get reacquainted with this superb spy thriller.

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