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Love Island Winter Season – from great friendships to healthy relationships

By Julie Heinisch

As the first winter season of Love Island has come to an end, it’s time to reflect on the season as a whole and its refreshing presentation of supportive female friendships, unapologetic self-love and healthy relationships.

Contrary to the usual drama-filled seasons in the past with a lot of problematic actions in relationships and friendships, often including a lack of communication, the contestants of season 6 has given the viewers a different reality-TV experience.

Even though most people loved and followed the dating show for its drama and scandals, a majority of people on social media such as Reddit or Twitter have agreed that this year’s season has been a breath of fresh air for reality tv shows.



Some viewers praised the season on social media for healthy relationships being presented on the show with men being supportive and loving in their couples and the women speaking to their partners and communicating their problems and herby solving them without a need to fight or scream.

Moreover, girls like Siannise showed viewers that you can be true to yourself and that you don’t have to settle for anything less than your expectations. The friendships between Siannise and Luke M. or Paige and Shaughna showed how important it is to have a supporting friend that tells you your worth and builds you up, rather than gossiping behind your back, which is the type of friendships the viewers often saw on Love Island.

In the final the remaining couples all seemed happy with each other and respectful of one another, no tension or drama could be sensed between the couples, which was nice to see for once.

Overall, although a supporting and non-dramatic Love Island cast might make less exciting television, it was nice to have people to watch that you could truly like and have viewers see examples of good and healthy friend-/relationships.

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