Brunel Afghan Society gives back to Afghanistan

By Ariana Abawe

Students from the Brunel Afghan Society in London have raised £3,000 to provide safe drinking water to a community in Afghanistan.

The Brunel Afghan Society aims to bring Afghans and non-Afghans together to celebrate the Afghan culture. Another one of their aims is to raise money

for charity to aid those in need in Afghanistan.

In Kabul, with a population of 6 million, 80% of the people lack access to safe drinking water, according to a report by HydrateLife in 2012.

From 2018-2019 the society held various events to raise money for charity, from games night, ladies night, a debate night, and the Afghan New year event called ‘Nawruz,’ which had a live Afghan singer, a dance performance and fashion show and a charity auction all organised by students.

Here is what the members of the Brunel Afghan society had to say:

Rami Wei Mroueh, 20, of Anthropology, said: “I think it’s great the Afghan Society wants to give back to their homeland, it’s very admirable commendable and noble.”

Dounia Seddiki, 19, of Psychology said: “I think the water pump was a beautiful cause to raise money for. Overall the society did a good job of presenting their culture to non-Afghans.”

The Brunel Afghan Society worked alongside the DACAAR charity (Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees) in Afghanistan who built the water pump in Fazel Beg (on the outskirts of Kabul), which has benefitted more than 600 people in the area.

Alongside the water-pump DACAAR also provided a 3000 Litre water tank.

Zohal Nasrat, the communication assistant at DACAAR charity, said: “This was a very good initiative. It is also heart-warming that the Afghan youth who don’t live in Afghanistan are thinking about their country and are trying to help their people whilst helping to keep our culture alive.”

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