Asian students report discrimination over coronavirus outbreak, Brunel University admits

By Rebecca Horn

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Asian communities across the country have been facing discrimination. Amongst them are those at Brunel University

Although Brunel University condemns discrimination, the institution admitted that: “Sadly, some of our Chinese students have reported that they feel discriminated against on campus since the outbreak was announced. This is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.”

Hanna Abu Baker, 21, is a Journalism student at Brunel University and originally from Malaysia. The second year student said that she feels “threatened and unwanted” by people who are giving her “dirty looks” on campus since the outbreak.

She believes “Brunel University is not doing enough” to support the Asian community on campus, “but I would say they are trying to control the situation.”

Another student, Cheung Chi King Timothy, 19, from China, said that he and other members of the Chinese Christian Fellowship society have not “faced this kind of discrimination yet. But, because we are a small committee, I don’t feel like it is appropriate to come to a conclusion yet.”

The occupational therapy student added: “I think this may also be due to the fact that most of us have not received our purchased facial masks yet and those who have them on may be seen as having the virus, thus being discriminated.”

Brunel University said: “If you have spoken to a student who has experienced this or seen it happen on campus, please report it to the Student Centre​ or anonymously through our Report and Support service here.

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