LGBTQ+ History: Striving for acceptance

By Poojitha Dommata

Well@Brunel hosted an event on Thursday seeking acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community as a part of LGBTQ+ history month.

The month’s events seek to raise awareness among students regarding the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community’s members and what it means to have non-binary sexuality.

Samuel Thompson, 23, part of the Well@Brunel team, said: “The fight to be inclusive is not against one individual but an entire culture, which will need a conscious effort on the part of everyone in the university to be effective.”

One of the organisers, Chloë Bestel, 21, English student at Brunel said: “One need not understand the meaning it holds or to “get it”, in order to be able to accept it.” She said she believes media representation plays a huge role in normalising all forms of sexuality.

She, along with Samuel Thompson, 23, from the Well@Brunel team made a display board containing LGBTQ+ icons from various fields such as music, entertainment and athletics. People could come and add to the board throughout the event.

Another section was on heterosexual celebrities who had become icons in the LGBTQ+ community such as Dan Reynolds from the band “Imagine Dragons”. The organisers’ vision was that if people could accept their favourite celebrities for who they were, they could begin to accept others too.

The vision definitely seems to have come across, as Devina, a student advocate, said: “It is nice to see that so many people from diverse backgrounds and different professions are united by the shared experience of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.” The event was a testimony to the university’s continuing drive to be more inclusive culturally.

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