Pole dancing: ‘An empowering experience everyone should try’

By Isobel Dawe

Student Nadine Chui talks about her ‘empowering’ experience pole dancing at Brunel.

Pole Dancing is a sport rising in popularity around the world and is part of Active@Brunel.

Nadine Chui, 20, is a dancer and choreographer as well as an English Literature and Theatre student at Brunel University. She has been doing pole dancing for over a year.

Photo credits: Alexandra Ionela Serbanoiu

“As a dancer, I had always wanted to do pole dancing, it was another unique area of dance that I was interested in. I have done gymnastics in the past as well, and I thought this was a really good opportunity for me to combine both those skills.”

Pole dancing is popularly used as a workout to increase fitness or lose weight. It uses muscles in the entire body as well as increasing your flexibility.

“It is great exercise but also just a lot of fun. I hate going to the gym, so this is a great alternative as you can exercise and build fitness whilst having fun at the same time. It has taken a lot of time to progress and build up the strength needed. I am someone who likes to be able to do things immediately and it annoys me when I have to wait patiently for it, but it is so rewarding when you see how much you’ve progressed.”

Nadine describes it as an ‘empowering’ experience and encourages everyone to have a go.

“It is a very encouraging environment with such varying skill levels that we’re able to have a good time but also help each other improve as well. A lot of people tell me when I suggest that they start that they will be too heavy for it or they don’t think they are strong enough. Pole Dancing is the best environment to firstly gain that confidence (because two men can dance on the pole at the same time, so no one is too heavy for it!), and also to build that strength. I would just tell people to go for it, don’t hesitate!”

Pole dancing has gained exponentially in popularity over the past few years and officially became recognised as a professional sport only three years ago. It has even said to be in line to be in the Olympics.

“It is something that I have found makes me feel empowered, which I didn’t realise before doing it. It uses a huge range of skills, combining athleticism and artistry, and I would recommend it to everyone, no matter who they are.”

The Pole Dancing society’s next show is on the 2nd March, everyone is welcome.

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