Why Brunel students should live on campus

By Poojitha Dommata

Brunel students recommend living on campus for newcomers as it provides a richer experience.

At the heart of Brunel University lies its sense of community. The campus, one of its kind in the city of London, is the centre for student life in Uxbridge. Brunel prides itself in hosting a wide range of students from all parts of the world; part of the reason why any international student such as myself feels an instant sense of belonging upon arrival.

Students, when asked, said that they would recommend to any newcomer who is unsure to live on campus rather than commute in.

Brad Barnes, 18, Film and Theatre student at Brunel who lives on campus, said: “There’s a bigger sense of community when you live on campus, you feel more involved and it’s easier to settle in”.

Juie Chowdhury, 21, Journalism student living off-campus said: “I don’t feel I am missing out on the university culture as I have friends on campus, however, I would recommend living on campus because everything is close by and more accessible.”

As an international student, I have found that the sense of community not only comes from the students and activities but the staff as well. My relationship with the housekeeping staff in my halls particularly helps the campus feel more like home.

I was recently feeling dejected from the stress of trying to finish all the readings before my next class when I turned up at the library at 8:30 in the morning. As I swiped my card across the scanner to enter, I was recognised by Shama, a middle-aged Indian lady who used to take the rubbish out from my hall. Giving me the brightest smile, she hugged me like a mother would and instantly dissipated any sense of homesickness and desolation was feeling. Now every morning, before some of my friends wake up, I take a cup of tea and chat with the people who come around to make my life easier, it is one of the best parts of my day. If you, who are reading this, have not said hello to your housekeeping staff yet, I suggest you do, because they will astonish you with the variety of their stories and experiences. Shama is one of the closest friends in London now, and she is just one tiny part of a wider nurturing community that lies at the core of Brunel’s culture. In “a university for a changing world,” this community will leave you with timeless memories.

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