Second annual One Brunel Fashion Show represents diversity on campus

By Ariana Abawe

Students from around the world staged their clothing at the second
annual One Brunel Fashion show at Brunel University.

Renowned for their culture-driven events around campus, the Student Union collaborated with other societies to present a fashion show displaying male and female traditional clothing from around the world.

The One Brunel Fashion Show started off with a reception which had a selection of snacks, drinks and a chocolate fountain, the fashion show featured over 40 models representing their country including Afghanistan, Baluchistan, China, India, England, Bangladesh and many more.

Photo credits to Brunel University London

Fiona Sehul Mehta, 20, model representing India said: “The One Brunel fashion show was amazing. I enjoyed it, my Indian culture means a lot to me, from its, food, language spices and Bollywood.”

This was one of the biggest and diverse events of the year here at Brunel, last year had a sell-out event with a performance by the British singer-songwriter, rapper and Youtuber, Koomz, known for his single, ‘Mariah.’ This event falls under the One Brunel Campaign to unite students and celebrate the cultural diversity at the University. The Campaign includes events such as the One Brunel March, Cultural Carnival and the One Brunel Fashion Show. This gives students a platform where they can showcase their culture and invite other students to share their experience.

Brunel University London has a vibrant, rich and dynamic population of staff and students from all over the world. Equality and Diversity play a key role within the university’s Strategic Plan.

In 2017, 36% students were from the white ethnicity in comparison to 64% of students who were, Chinese, Black, Asian, Arab and other ethnicities, according to the data collected by Brunel University of London.
Over 130 countries are homed at the university.

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