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Nas Majeed Former Brunel Student: First in Sports Science, Last to fall in love

By Sam Begg

This Love Island Star is a hit with the UK public, but for all the wrong reasons…

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Nas Majeed is a 23-year-old from London. He graduated from Brunel University receiving a first in Sports science which for most of us is a dream we aspire to achieve.

He has also starred on the hit TV series Love Island, in which men and women go into a luxurious Villa in the search for love. The best couple receives £50,000 as prize. 

Nas has described himself as an “eight out of ten” and like an “Onion” each layer highlighting a vibrant personality. But arguably like an onion, he has also been a shoulder for the girls to cry on about other guys in the Villa.

Unfortunately, we have yet to see Nas form any intimate bonds with any of the girls in the villa quite yet, avoiding packing his bags thanks to another contestant, Sianise, who saved him from the long Journey home.

It was quite clear to the viewers that this was purely out of friendship rather than any physical attraction, as shown by the brief conversation of “mates before dates” before the elimination that night. Other couples were seen kissing whereas Nas and Sianise had a short brief hug.

Kimberly from twitter greatly demonstrates most of the British Public opinions on the situation through the following tweet:

This highlights fundamental issues within Love Island. The show relies on putting a lot of pressure on young men and women to find “love.” Could you even imagine having to go into a villa, (even though it is breath-taking) having a few days with a select number of men and women, then forcing yourself to get with a certain person just so you could stay there?

The argument could be made that they did choose to sign up for it, but at the same time I could imagine it being quite traumatic having to go through multiple heartbreaks in such a short period.

The problem does not lie in Nas and his personality, it’s just that he does not conform to the expectations of the show. From the impression he gives to us, he seems like a genuinely kind guy. He fits into the stereotype of that nice guy friend that every girl seems to have.

So, will Nas find someone? Of course, he will. From Love Island? That we can’t be too sure about. Statistically, only a small percentage of couples from Love Island stay together after the show. The Evening Standard, in January 2020, published that between 2015 and 2018, only 19% of the couples from the show are still together. So, keep your chin up Nas. We’re rooting for you! 

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