Must see series and films to watch on Netflix this year

By Melanie Solari 

If you are anxiously waiting for the new season of ‘Stranger Things’ to come out or if you have already binge-watched season 2 of ‘You’, then here are some upcoming films and TV series to watch out for on Netflix this year. 

1. Messiah – 1 January
This new series dropped its first season at the start of the year. It focuses on society’s modern-day reaction to a long-haired, bearded man who gains a quick following by claiming to be Jesus. But is he really the Son of God or merely just a false prophet looking for attention? Not only does his sudden appearance gain the attraction of the media but also the CIA. A must-see Netflix series that includes twists and overt commentary on society’s relationship with religion.

2. Sex Explained – 2 January
Although it has five episodes, this series is enough to make you discover and learn new things about yourself and your body that you didn’t know about before. This documentary series explicitly explores various topics around sex through the use of illustrations and using people’s personal experiences on the subject matters at hand. 

3. Sex Education – 17 January
If you haven’t watched season 1, get watching! If you have, then get ready to watch season 2. The latest season follows the main character, Otis, who is hit with the reality and pressure of a romance in school. With the arrival of new characters, limits are being tested through challenging the status-quo. Also, with the outbreak of chlamydia, students are left questioning topical issues. A hilarious yet grim series so be prepared to witness sex gags. 

4. A Fall from Grace – 17 January
A thriller film that focuses on a woman whose relationship with her newly beloved is not at all what it seems. As their marriage turns dangerous, Grace finds herself in jail for confessing to killing her husband. Is the husband truly dead or is there more to the story that is yet to be uncovered? 

5. Who Killed Malcolm X? – 7 February
Interested in American history and documentaries? Then this is definitely one for you. This closely follows one of America’s most memorable figures of the Civil Right Movement, Malcolm X. Decades after his assassination, an activist stops at nothing to find out the truth of who killed the African American leader. 

6. To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You – 12 February
For all you rom-com lovers out there, this is a film for you. If you haven’t seen the first film, watch it before you watch the sequel. Lara Jean and Peter are back but as a real couple. This time, however, is it too good to be true? As Lara experiences her first relationship, you would think that her main focus would be to deal with the complex emotions that comes with balancing a relationship but when one of the recipients of her old love letters comes back into her life, she is a faced with a dilemma. Can you be into two guys at once?

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