Got you fashioned!

By Jana Tulisa

This year, Brunel’s fashion show exceeded all expectations, even Paris Fashion Week would be jealous

The yearly held fashion show at Brunel University seems to get better every time. Considering all the work that has been put into it, the students can genuinely feel proud of the result. 

This year, Brunel decided to focus on representing and celebrating its diverse student population by having each participant showcase their country’s national clothing. Countless students from different countries such as Ukraine, India, and Pakistan gathered to represent their homeland, either by being in the show or supporting from the comfortable seats of the AA building.

To provide the perfect atmosphere for the social event, the organisers put up a hall for networking with refreshments, a chocolate fountain, and a photo booth. In the breaks, there were performances by people either working or studying in Brunel.

Nonetheless, among other events held at Brunel University, the fashion show is one of the best. Showcasing the sophistication of our students in all its form and diversity, it’s certainly something worth celebrating.

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